Wedding Video of the Week!

A beautiful sentiment from a mother to her daughter on her wedding day.

A London proposal by an Irish man! So cute!

A best man speech, a canoe and a horse!

Such a talented and original best man speech!

‘The’ best wedding entrance video! Que sunglasses!

This proposal has definitely got the cute factor!

This proposal hits all the right notes!

These wedding vows will make you reach for the tissues especially between the groom and his step-daughter!

The best wedding reception surprise…by the guests!

Edel and Johnny’s unique wedding reception entrance…Irish style!

The best wedding surprise by Maroon 5!

A Christmas Proposal!

Father of the Bride signs I loved her first. You’ll need the tissues!

THE best Dirty Dancing First Dance ever!

How a trip to the cinema ended up with a marriage proposal for Ginny!